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PLEASE NOTE: To eliminate redundancy, we will no longer have our own calendar on the EVENTS page. Instead there will be information about upcoming club events. For flying at Deer Park, we will continue to use the Deer Park Calendar for accurate Deer Park flying restrictions. Please check the Deer Park Calendar link: Deer Park Calendar

Updated 11/12/2015 -- updated with Oct newsletter & new library book

THE BARONS MODEL CLUB usually has between 80 and 100 members, and we have our own leased flying field at the Deer Park Airport. The paved landing strip is 150 feet wide and over 600 feet long. We have a fenced pit area and an equipment storage trailer. Our monthly newsletter, “The Monocle”, keeps members up to date on meetings, club and area events, and other items of interest, and usually has articles about construction methods, engines, and flying tips. Instructors are available to help you get started building and flying radio controlled model aircraft.


Our meetings are held at 7:30PM the last Friday of each month, in the training room of Fire Station #92, 3801 E. Farwell Road, on the north edge of Mead, Washington.


Please contact our membership chairman via email at membership@baronsrc.com









This page updated 11/12/2015

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